The Planet Krysalis Project

And The Founders Tribe Collection

Politicians around the world are failing us. They’re making decisions based on corporate agendas, and putting humanity second. But that’s alright, because the world is now in a position to govern itself through semi-direct democracy. We have the technology and the the capability to build the world’s first citizen-owned corporation designed to lobby politicians on the issues that matter. With the advent of Web 3.0 the time has come to free ourselves from the political sway of multinational corporations and central banks and be self-governing at last.


Back when I was writing The Last Artifact, I came up with an idea to save the world from a villainous shadow organization that was secretly steering the planet’s governments. At the core of my idea was a global corporation that was owned and operated by all of humanity. It consisted of a social networking platform where people could vote and create government mandates on any imaginable issue.

The platform also boasted a decentralized monetary system and marketplace where people could do business without having to give a cut to the banking institutions. There was a news network on the platform as well, so that people could get the real, un-spun news. That was ten years ago, and the technology to make it happen was still in its nascent stages, but now it’s good to go. It’s called blockchain.

During the pandemic I started feeling more and more compelled to share my idea, and this unsettling socio-economic aftermath has only tightened my resolve. I believe that things could be much better on this planet if we could take control of our governments, and the technology and funding to make it happen is at our fingertips, waiting to be used. All that remains is to build a community around this idea. Once that’s done, it will all begin to happen.

The Planet Krysalis Founders Tribe

The NFT coin collection I’ve created currently consists of 1000 unique works of digital art, with more coin drops to come in the future. Every coin will serve as an entry token into the Founders Tribe Creators Club, and once the first 1000 coins have been sold, we’ll establish a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to begin building the Krysalis ecosystem.

The first item on the agenda will be a crowdfunding campaign to generate the assets we’ll need. The money will go into a digital wallet that’s owned by the Founders Tribe DAO, meaning that if you hold a coin, you’ll also own one share of the DAO, and be able to vote on how the money gets spent. You’ll also receive a percentage of what the Founder’s Tribe raises, providing you with some passive income as a reward for your voting and participating in the DAO.

If you’re interested in being a part of this, be sure to join our Discord community and sign up to the whitelist to get a heads up on the upcoming NFT coin drop. You can also subscribe to my newsletter. Everything’s free and will keep you abreast on how things are advancing with the project. You’ll also be able to read and post comments and we’d seriously love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Thanks, and all the best,

Gilliam Ness

The time has come for humanity to move up to the next level of societal evolution. If anyone’s going to make it happen, it’ll be the Founder’s Tribe. So join us!


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